At Vernonia Christian Church we call our small groups “Growth Groups.”  These are semester-based groups that last 6-12 weeks and meet in people’s homes throughout our town. We have groups in Spring, Summer, and Fall with about a month break in between for prep and signups.  Growth Groups are an uplifting and encouraging experience. Our groups are a vital part of what we are doing to help people grow in Christ. Growth groups are an opportunity to connect with other Christians in the relaxed atmosphere of someone’s home. At each group you will learn how to study the bible, how to pray, how to serve others, and how to apply Jesus teaching to your life. It’s a wonderful opportunity to grow as a disciple. Most of our groups are made up of a healthy mix of people from all ages. Some of the nights, child care is available at the church. Contact the church office to find out which group might be right for you. Or sign up for the next season of groups here.

Fall Growth Groups:


  • Ladies Group
  • Thursday@ noon
  • Leader: Sue Robertson
  • Couples & Singles
  • Wednesday Evening
  • Leader: Sam Hough
  • Couples & Singles
  • Thursday 6:30 PM
  • Leader: Steve Wilson
  • Couples & Singles
  • Thursday Evening
  • Leader: Steve Losli

Contact us to enroll in one of these groups.